Monday, December 4, 2017

When your purpose looks different than you expected

Katie Davis Majors had a clear plan for her future, she dreamed of having a few children and living in a nice house with a white picket fence in the suburbs. God's plan for Katie's life looked very different than she had expected. Katie went on a mission trip to Uganda during her last year in high school and fell in love with the warm and friendly Ugandan people. Katie eventually decided to move to Jinja, Uganda for one year to volunteer as a kindergarten teacher in an orphanage.

It's now ten years later and Katie still lives in Jinja, Uganda with her son, her adopted daughters and her husband Benji. Today she runs Amazima ministries that helps the poor in Jinja in many different ways. In the video Katie tells her story about how life turned out very differently than she had expected. She shares how surprised she was to meet a guy who wanted to date her although she was a single mom of many children. Katie also shares how she overcame the loss and grief that she has experienced during the past few years.

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