Wednesday, March 28, 2018

3 Tips for Marriage

Both romantic comedies and the last episode of every TV show seem to end with the same thing: the main characters get married and live happily ever after. Hollywood movies are fun to watch but they paint a very unrealistic picture of what marriage will be like. Our modern culture seem to think that a romantic relationship will satisfy our souls, in reality that is far from the truth.

Marriage was created by God as a tool that he uses to form and shape us toward holiness. Marriage is ultimately not about happiness, it's about selflessly serving another person. If we get good at serving each other in marriage happiness arrives as a very nice "side effect" of that lifestyle.

It's easy to love people that you only see once a week, it's much harder to love when you share your life with another human-being. This is why marriage and parenthood are two of the main tools that God uses to shape us toward holiness during our lifetime. Few things are more efficient at shaving off selfishness from our souls than becoming a wife and a mother. Marriage and parenthood reveals to the human-being that the universe doesn't revolve around her. We learn that this life is all about love, and that love is not self-seeking nor proud.

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