Monday, March 12, 2018

In Love with my Ex

Cheryl Scruggs divorced Jeff after 10 years of marital numbness and searched for a deeper, more meaningful relationship - one she thought she'd found in another man. When she discovered that her emotional void could only be filled by Jesus Christ, she wanted Jeff's forgiveness.
The freedom Cheryl thought she would experience after the divorce didn't exist, instead she was left with the pain of knowing that she had been the one to break up her family. 
In this interview with Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs they talk about how living the dream life in Los Angeles still left their marriage crumbling. Cheryl talks about what led her to have the affair. Jeff&Cheryl also walk us through how seven years after the divorce they started dating each other again. They eventually decided to remarry each other to their twin daughters delight. 
Today Jeff&Cheryl are still happily married and both of their daughters are married now. They have decided to share their story with hopes of helping others. Jeff and Cheryl share their story in more detail in their book "I Do Again: How We Found a Second Chance at Our Marriage--and You Can Too"

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