Thursday, December 4, 2014


I have so many blessings in my life, all wonderful gifts from God. When I look through the photos on my camera I'm reminded of how many amazing gifts I have received from God just this past year. I got to travel to sunny California with my husband, I got to enjoy reading great books and fun movie nights. I spent many weekends downtown strolling along the lake shore and enjoying dinners at my favorite restaurants. This fall I got so much joy from looking at all the beautifully colored trees on a sunny day.

If we look for them we can find beautiful blessings sprinkled all over our lives. These are all beautiful gifts from God that we are meant to enjoy and be thankful for. Except for enjoying the blessings we have been given we also have the chance to be a blessing to others, as we live out our Christian faith.

We can offer help to someone in need, we can be there to listen and give support when someone in going through a difficult time. When we make the extra effort and take the time to be there for someone we will be a blessing in their life. Who do you know that you could be a blessing to this week? When we love and serve each other the world gets less cold and lonely.

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