Friday, January 30, 2015

Use what you have

In this world there is a lot of options, more options than ever before in history. When we try to decide what we should do with our lives it’s easy to get confused and a little lost. Should I have picked another education? Is this the right job for me? Did I ruin my future when I didn’t take that opportunity I had last year? Should I move somewhere else?

As a Christian I want to be sure I don’t waste my life, but how do I know what road to pick when I stand at a crossroads? Another difficulty is how do I reach those high goals I have set up for myself when this is where I am today? How do I go from here to there? When you are confused about what to do with your life and how to get from where you are to where you need to be wisdom is needed.

Steven Furtick has written an awesome book called “Greater: Dream bigger. Start smaller. Ignite God’s vision for your life.” Furtick writes about how we won’t all live great lives as rich and famous people, it’s just not how this world works. Everybody can’t be super successful at the office. On the other hand we don’t have to get stuck in a life of boredom and complacency either, we are meant for more than that. We are meant to live a life with passion, purpose and vision. We can all live a greater life. We can’t all be great (like Beethoven or Michelangelo) but we can all live a life that is greater.

The greater life starts with using what you have. Even if you don’t have a lot of money or special talent you do have something you can use. We all have something, because we were all wonderfully made. It’s easy to get stuck focusing on what we don’t have and miss what’s right in front of us, what we can do. The thing is, as Furtick writes: “you have everything you need to do all that God is calling you to do right now.”

The first thing we need to do is take inventory of what we have. What do you have in your life right now?  How much money and skill do you have right now? Stop dreaming about where you wish you were or what you wish you had and put what you have to work. Whatever you bring to the table God can easily multiply. If you bring nothing, nothing will happen.

Another good thing to remember is that our greatest limitations is God’s greatest opportunity. If we decide to do our small part we give God an opportunity to show up and do His great part. When we are ready to step outside of our comfortable but mundane lifestyles it’s easy to get stuck in the “if…then”-mentality. If I just had more money, then I would follow that dream I’ve always had. If I knew for sure that it would work out, then I would take the next step. If I just had more time, then I would do it.

Steven Furtick suggests another way for us to view our lives. If God wanted us to have a particular skill, we would have it. If God wanted us to have more time or money don’t you think He would have given it to us? So if we don’t have it maybe He doesn’t want us to have it right now, maybe what He wants for us is to work what we have.

Many times in life we need to learn how to handle little, before we are ready to handle the responsibility that comes with having plenty. Furtick suggests that instead of praying “God, please give me more” dare to pray “God please use what I have, and make it overflow.”

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