Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Monday Night is Date Night

My husband and I had our weekly Date Night on Monday evening. We had a very enjoyable dinner at Moxie's. I had their Mango Chicken and it was amazing! Taking time for Date Nights is quite easy for us during this stage in life since we don't have any kids yet. We never imagined that we would be celebrating four years of marriage and still not have any children, but life doesn't always go the way we expected. I used to be very frustrated when things didn't go according to my perfect five year plan but I'm becoming better and better at trusting life and letting go of trying to control everything.

There's and upside and downside to every stage in life and every challenge in life can teach us something, although personal growth can often be both annoying and painful. The great benefit of this stage in life is that my husband and I have a lot of time for each other and can have a Date Night on a Monday which would probably not happen if we had little kids at home. On the other hand, the constant struggle is staying positive while we wait for that stork (who is supposed to bring our baby) to find our address.

Patience, faith and hope goes a long way. I believe that 2016 is the year when things will start to turn around for us, and who knows, a year from now we might be at home with our child/children helping them with their homework.

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