Friday, December 9, 2016

Beyond The Bubble

December is such an exciting month of the year when we have an opportunity to be extra generous. I'm super excited to see what can be accomplished through this year's Christmas offering at our churches. I love being a part of a community of believers that all believe in loving people and in sharing what we have with others in every way we can. God didn't bless me so that I could keep most of my money and resources to myself, He blessed me so that I would be able to give lavishly to those in need. I feel so blessed and honored to get to be a part of two different churches here in Toronto that are alive and growing; our small community church and Elevation Church.

I've always dreamt of living a life where I would be able to make a difference but no matter how much I want to change the world on my own I can only do so much. When I link together with a community of people who all have the same passion as me; to love God and love people, we can do so much more together than I could ever do alone. Our community church has around 2000 people attending at this point and Elevation Church has around 25 000 people, imagine what we can do together when we come together as a church to serve the needy. This life truly is an adventure and I'm so excited to see what God will be able to do through me and my church community this year. :)

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