Friday, December 9, 2016

The Intimate and the Divine

Leonce Crump talks about the many misconceptions of Jesus. We have a tendency to either dehumanize Jesus or humanize him, which leads to us misunderstanding the nature of God. When we view Jesus as just a wise man we think that he was just like us, and we miss why he came to us. We miss the gift that God gave us through the Messiah; the gift of freedom, forgiveness and a new life.

We also tend to dehumanize Jesus and forget that although Jesus was God taking on human form he experienced everything that comes with being human. Jesus felt pain, exhaustion, fear, stress and frustrations just like any one of of us will feel in this life. Because He experienced what it's like to be human God can relate to every single thing we experience as people, although God is holy and eternal he fully understands what we are going through. In Jesus God experienced the deep sadness, fear and pain that comes with the human experience. When we come to God in prayer we come to a God who knows exactly how we feel because he felt it too at one point in history, in Jesus.

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