Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Helping Others

Every Christian is called to love God and love other people. Helping others is a way for us to let God use us for his purposes. God knows every need in the world and each one of us were created to meet one (or a few) of those needs in the world. It's not my job to save the world, God is the only one who can heal our broken world, but it is my job to do my part in helping God heal the broken parts of this world.

God has the power to create miracles, I am only an instrument in the hands of the great I AM. It's beautiful to see the change that can take place when each person within the church decides to serve and fill a need that they feel passionately about. When each person within the church decides to give sacrificially of their money, time and resources things change. When we give only out of our leftover money, time or resources not much will change, but when we make helping others one of our core values in life big change can happen. Together we can be the change.

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