Monday, July 20, 2015

Perfect Beauty

Perfection is one of the ideals in our modern culture, especially when it comes to beauty. We are expected to look younger than we are, have no scars, cellulite or birth marks. Once we can no longer measure up to the ideal naturally it's time to start injecting botox and maybe get some breast implants. The cultural ideal isn't the problem, we are. We are either too fat or not curvy enough. We have too small breasts or a nose that is too big. Our butts are either too small or too big. None of us are perfect, and this is considered a problem.

The June 29, 2015 issue of TIME magazine reports that more and more people get work done these days, will you? Here's the facts: TIME magazine reports that in 2014 more than twice as many cosmetic procedures were done in the US than in year 2000. Cosmetic surgery is no longer considered something that only vain and tacky people do. Joel Stein writes: "Not having work done is now the new shame."

The media shows us what perfection looks like daily and the people follow. If we want to keep up with this ideal we better get some work done, the sooner the better. Or, we could just say NO!
I am beautiful the way I am and although more and more people no longer see anything beautiful when they look in the mirror I choose to be different.

I will choose to love myself and embrace my unique beauty. There is no one else in the whole world who looks exactly like me and that is worth celebrating! I am a unique and beautiful creation! I will embrace and love myself from this day forward and I will avoid any influence that tells me not to love my natural self.

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