Monday, July 20, 2015

The "Perfect" Body

If we are wondering why so many people want to have cosmetic surgery done these days we might have to take a look at ourselves. Not only are we very good at pointing out what we don't like about our own bodies, we are also good at criticising other women's bodies. Maybe the mantra we live by today is "criticise yourself & criticise others"?

If we want to live in a world where eating disorders are very common and where the majority of all women dislike their bodies then we don't need to change anything. The media and the advertisement industry isn't exactly making it easy to love your body in 2015, but in the end it comes down to our own choices.

I want to make sure I spend my life living according to this mantra: "Love yourself & Love others as yourself". If I'm going to be able to do that successfully I need to promise myself to stop criticising my own body and vow to never criticise someone else's body, neither online or in person. This new lifestyle will probably take a lot of practice before it becomes my reality, because loving your imperfect self and other imperfect people is about as counter-cultural as anything can get in today's society.

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