Monday, November 2, 2015

Jesus: Who is He?

I remember I used to have a period in my life when I felt like I probably believe in God, or at least in some form of higher power, but I definitely don't believe in Jesus. I used to think the whole story about Jesus was weird and obviously untrue because no human can walk on water etc. I was surprised to find out that what Christians believe isn't that Jesus was some wise man or prophet but that he actually was God himself coming to earth for a little while (for 30+ years).

We call Jesus "the son of God" but Jesus wasn't just God's son, he was God. God is not like a human, who can only be in one place, God can be in many places at the same time. What we call the trinity describes God in three different forms: God above, God in the form of a human (Jesus) and God in spirit (The Holy Spirit).

All other religions follow a wise man or prophet, but Christianity is the only religion claiming that their "main character" wasn't a man but God himself. The fact that Jesus claimed to be God leaves us with only two options: either Jesus was God, or he was a totally crazy person. It's a little strange if our world has been so strongly influenced by a crazy person that we celebrate his birthday every year (Christmas) and that we count time from the day he was born (2015 years ago).

We either live in a world today where more than 2 billion people follow a person who was completely crazy (Jesus) or we live in a world where God has come near, where we no longer have to wonder what God is like, he has shown himself.

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