Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why Should We Explore God?

We all have big questions about life. Why am I here on this planet? What's the purpose for my life? Is there a God or is it all just a myth? What happens after we die? Why is there evil in the world? Maybe the most important question of all is: "Should I spend time out of my already busy life exploring these questions?"

Every time we have questions about the unknown we know that no matter what we will find in the end it will alter our view of life. When you found out Santa Claus wasn't real it changed your view on life. When you found out your husband had been cheating on you it changed your view on life. Sometimes these life altering moments (big or small) change our lives forever in a way that we wish had never happened. We got hurt and now we fear getting hurt again. Fear can hold us back from a lot of important things in life. Fear can hold us back from believing in love again after we have been hurt by someone. Fear can hold us back from exploring the unknown because we don't know what we will find.

When I started asking myself all the big questions about life I realized I had no idea what I would end up finding, but for the first time in my life I was up for the adventure. I wasn't going to let my fear hold me back, I wanted to know the answers now. I wanted to make sure I didn't waste my life just because I was afraid of what answers I might actually find. The hardest thing about this journey is that nobody can do it for you, you have to take your own journey. You have to find the answers yourself.

Today I even know Christians who still don't understand the whole story about why they are here, and they aren't willing to find out the rest. Sometimes we hold on to our own personal view because even if it leads to an unfulfilling life, at least it's what we know. We aren't ready to give up that feeling of safety and control. It's not before we are willing to open up and have the courage to take a step out into the unknown that we have a chance to find the truth, and it's only the truth that can set us free.

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