Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kirby's Story

The youtuber "Kirbyisaboss" shares her story in this video. Kirby was born in London, England but after her parents divorced she and her mom moved to Texas. Kirby became depressed after her parents divorced and later when her father passed away everything got even worse. A few years later Kirby also ended up getting bullied by a girl in school which made her very insecure and eventually made her hate herself. Kirby started getting suicidal thoughts and didn't want to live anymore. Every time she decided that she was going to go through with her suicide she heard this small voice in her head that said: "Just one more day, you can get through one more day."

Kirby continued going to a Christian camp every summer that her mom had introduced her to as a child. During the summer before high school Kirby had an encounter with God during a worship service at summer camp that changed everything. Kirby had many revelations during that evening and understood that God loves her and wants good things for her life.

When it was time for Kirby to start high school she had a new deep relationship with God that grounded her in a time when many of her friends ended up feeling lost during the difficult years of high school. Kirby says that her life has neither been perfect nor easy after she became a Christian but she has a joy in life now that she never had before.

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