Friday, July 8, 2016

The Couple's Resort

Last week my husband and I spent a few days at the Couple's resort by Algonquin Park three hours north of Toronto.

The resort is situated right by the lake and has a pool, a sauna and real fireplaces in all the rooms, all things that the Finnish person in me appreciates. :)

You can go kayaking or hiking during the day or go for a swim in the lake.

Or you can just hang out on the docks together in the sunshine and relax.

Our main reason for going on this getaway was to plan next year's budget. During our first year of marriage we read the book "Red hot monogamy" by Bill and Pam Farrell, where they recommend that you go on a getaway when you need to do important but boring things like plan your family budget or write your will etc. These are things we often avoid doing, but when you bake these things into a couple's getaway they get done. The first day we relaxed and enjoyed the resort, on the second day we spent most of our time planning the budget, and on the third day we got to relax again before going home.

I was very optimistic at the beginning of our budget planning session, in the middle of it I was very frustrated, and afterwards it felt really good to be done and have a plan for next year. It's a little funny isn't it, how much we tend to underestimate our monthly spending. Each time I plan a budget I'm surprised by how much money you can spend in a month without really noticing it. Planning a budget isn't fun to do, but afterwards you are glad you did it. It's a little like going to the dentist. :)

After our budget planning session we got to relax again and enjoy a five course dinner together. During our first evening at the resort I was wearing a very tight dress, what was I thinking? The second evening I had learned that you need to wear a loose dress when you enjoy five different courses. :) 

I enjoyed having a real fireplace in the room so much! We made a fire once or twice a day, although it was quite warm outside, so afterwards we had to have all the windows open to cool down the room. :) It's so cozy and romantic to sit in front of the fire together.

Hotel breakfasts are another favorite treat of mine. There is no better way to start off a vacation day than with a big cup of coffee and a big waffle with berries and  maple cream. :)

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