Monday, January 23, 2017

Adults Only

My husband and I were watching this sermon about marriage by pastor Leanne Matthesius during the weekend and I kept laughing throughout the sermon because so many of the things Leanne mentions apply to me. Leanne Matthesius talked about how marriage is for adults only, but we tend to bring our childish and immature behaviors into our marriages. We all have certain childish behaviors that we have kept into adulthood that keep messing up our marriages. I can honestly say that I have more issues related to immaturity than my husband, poor him who has to put up with me! Then again, my husband is older than me so I can always blame it on the age difference.

These days I don’t mind being made aware of my own personal issues, I don’t beat myself up over my weaknesses, instead I like to use my issues as motivation to grow stronger and better. You can’t change other people, but when you work on changing yourself you are changing the world, because you are a part of the world.

Leanne Matthesius has been married to her husband for 24 years, I have been married to my hubby for 4 years, in other words there is a lot of time for me to grow stronger and better. There’s no reason for me to beat myself up for what I don’t do, but I like to pick a few things every year that I can work on. If I keep adding one or two new building blocks to my marriage every year over time our marriage is going to be strong and beautiful. That’s my goal!

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