Monday, April 3, 2017

Life With One Hand

Brandon Yap tells his story about what it was like to grow up with only one hand. Hearing others tell him he couldn't do things made Brandon develop insecurities growing up. Brandon's insecurities made him ashamed of who he was and made him want to hide his arm when meeting new people. Over time Brandon developed depression and anxiety. He worked hard trying to earn acceptance and approval from others for many years and when his family moved to another state things got worse. Brandon was bullied in his new school and started to believe the voices in his head who were telling him he was worthless.

One day Brandon's sister Jennie invited him to Skull Church and from then on Brandon's life started to change in a big way. God was teaching Brandon that his imperfections could be used as his platform. He decided to learn how to play some instruments and today he is using his gifts to serve God. I love what Brandon says in the video: "I once saw myself as a victim, but God has given me the heart of a victor."

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