Monday, April 10, 2017

Movie Night

On Saturday my husband and I went to the movies together, we watched "The Case for Christ" which is based on a real-life story. The movie follows Lee Strobel's journey from atheist to Christian as he tries to prove that Christianity is false. Lee's journey reminds me of my own, I remember how Christianity was the last religion in the world that I would have guessed to be true. God knows each one of our stories and he will use different paths to reach different people, but what we all have in common is that he will call us on a journey to get to know him. Lee came to faith in God after he had looked at the historical and medical evidence for Christ, my journey was completely different.

I remember having encounters with God already as a child but I didn't know what this "higher power" was, I just knew there was something out there and that there was some type of God watching over us for sure. I personally don't find the medical or historical evidence for Christ that interesting, mostly because I've experienced God's presence in such an intense way a few times in life that I don't need any additional proof to know he is real, but we all have different journeys. The beautiful thing is that no matter who we are God can reach each one of us in a unique way. The website Rotten Tomatoes describes the movie The Case for Christ in the following way:

"A hard-driving journalist, Lee Strobel was exactly where he expected to be at work: on top. His award-winning investigative reporting recently earned him a promotion to legal editor at the ChicagoTribune. But things weren't going nearly as well at home where his wife Leslie's newfound faith in Christ went against everything Lee believed-or didn't believe-as an avowed atheist. Utilizing his journalistic and legal training, Lee begins a quest to debunk the claims of Christianity in order to save his crumbling marriage. Chasing down the biggest story of his career, Lee comes face-to-face with unexpected results that could change everything he knows to be true."

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