Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tips for a Minimalist Lifestyle

I love this video by Sarah Nourse where she shares her best tips on how you can simplify your life. Sarah shares her best minimalist life hacks in the video and I find many of the tips to be very helpful. Creating a minimalist lifestyle is a great way to move towards consuming less stuff, living greener and saving money. Most of us live pretty busy lives in today's society so a minimalist lifestyle can also help us save time and make life less stressful.

My favorite tips in the video is to live without a car if possible and to borrow an outfit from a friend for special events like galas and weddings instead of always buying something new. I also like the idea of sharing certain toiletries with my husband like shaving creme and body wash to consume less and have less clutter in the shower. Another great tip is to buy all linens and towels in the same color so that everything matches and to make doing laundry faster and easier.

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