Monday, February 12, 2018

Your Identity as a Woman

Women are beautiful in a way that is more powerful and unique than the world realizes. Our feminine qualities include strength, beauty, intuition, fidelity, self giving, acceptance, and receptivity. These are qualities that God placed in our natures that empower us women for who we are. We also have four qualities that are completely unique to women, the first one is receptivity. Women have a special way of receiving those they love into their hearts and loving them there. Women are compelled and meant to try to form these deep, loving relationships with others.

The second uniquely feminine quality is generosity. Us women desire to give ourselves freely to everyone we come into contact with. We pour our heart and soul into our relationships with other people. We even go so far as to give up our own bodies for the lives of others, through our unique ability to carry a life within us. This is something only women have been given the ability to do. Through our generosity of our soul and body, others are built up and strengthened, guided towards who they are and are meant to be. 

The third quality is sensitivity, which is often seen as a weakness in our society. However, the sensitivity of us women is what allows us to enter into another person’s perspective in a way that men are unable too. Through our sensitivity we can understand another person’s situation and be their strength. 

The fourth quality extends to all aspects of our being: maternity. Motherhood extends past the relationship of mother and child, motherhood means to protect and safeguard humanity and bring it to its full development. When we put our receptivity, generosity, sensitivity, and maternity to use we are able to strengthen humanity with love and care

This is who we are, Ladies. This is how we were built. However, due to a society that has pushed us down, many of us have lost our identity. We have forgotten who we are and are constantly striving to understand it in all the wrong ways. We have no idea how special we are.

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