Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Slow Saturday

After spending most of my summer in the city I have enjoyed being able to spend this Saturday at the cottage. It has been a very relaxing slow day. Today was the first time this summer that I spent a full day outdoors. I enjoyed walking around our large garden at the cottage, laying in the hammock and going swimming.

I spent the evening sitting on the docks reading a new book by Judah Smith called "Life is ____ ." The weather was wondeful today and spending so much time in nature got me very relaxed. The combination of the sun, the sea and the garden makes me feel so free and joyful. I can feel both my body and soul getting charged up with new energy on a day like this. Slow days are exactly what I need to get ready for an exciting but intense fall.

Reading the book "Life is ____ ." was so exciting, the book motivates me to live life in a new way. Each chapter is so uplifting and funny.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset at the cottage. I can´t believe that I get to live like this, on days like these it´s easy to be thankful. I´m thinking that heaven must look something like this.

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