Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Island life

I wasn´t planning on taking a trip back home to Scandinavia this summer but then it became a spontaneous trip after all. Sometimes things change quickly in life.

I have arrived in Finland and at our family cottage and the weather couln´t be any better. I enjoy getting to spend alot of time outdoors and by the water every day. It´s so relaxing to sit on the docks reading a book with the wind in my hair.

We have a large garden at the cottage which is fenced off to keep all the deers and other animals away. I love having the forest near by and being able to just walk out the door and take a hike every morning before breakfast.

I also love eating dinner outside when the weather allows it and enjoying fresh vegetables and berries from the garden.

At the cottage I don´t need a perfume, instead I use this organic body lotion that smells like a tropical vacation.

Although I usually try to stick to organic treats that rule does not apply when I´m back home in Finland. I want to enjoy all the treats that I only have available once a year, all the cookies and desserts that are finnish and remind me of my carefree childhood.

Our family cottage is more than 100 hundred years old and there is so many happy memories in this place. It´s the number one place in the world where I feel relaxed, peaceful and at home. It´s my oasis where I can always find opportunities for rest.

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