Monday, August 31, 2015

God is like the wind

Sometimes I think to myself that God is like the wind. You can´t see the wind but you know it´s there when you look at how it affects nature and people. When you look outside and see big waves on the sea you know it´s windy outside. You can feel the wind but you can´t see it. I´m thinking that experiencing God is alot like experincing the wind. You can feel God´s presence in your life but you can´t see him. You can see that God is present in someone else´s life by looking at their actions. The wind makes the sea move and God makes people move.

God pushes us out of our complacent lives and makes us want to move, suddenly we want to do something to make the world better and to make ourselves better people. We want to love others, help the poor, heal the sick and comfort those who are lonely. God stirs us up like the wind stirs up the sea.

When we are struggling in life we can find comfort, strength and guidance from talking with God through prayer. When we pray and ask God to come into our lives and help us with the things we lack strength to handle on our own we can sense his presence. We can see God move in our lives as the circumstances suddely change, things happen that we know we couldn´t have done ourselves without his interference. When God guides us through our lives it´s like the wind blowing in our hair, we know it´s there but the wind itself is invisible.

I´ve met people who have experinced incredible changes in their lives that came after they invited God into their hearts and started listening to his still voice. My friend K was once a gang member involved in violent crimes and came to faith in God in prison after reading the Bible (in lack of anything else to read) in the high-security prison. Today he is a loving husband and father of two cute toddlers. I was very surprised when he told me that he once was a gang member because there is nothing in his lifestyle today that points toward that old life. He is one of the most genuine, kind and loving people I have ever met. Today he works as a pastor and is passionate about introducing the gospel to others who have no idea about how much God loves them.

When the wind is really strong a calm sea can suddenly change and become huge waves, it´s sometimes surprising how much the wind can affect the sea. The same way as the wind has the power to change the sea God has the power to change us, his goal is to make us into more loving and better versions of ourselves. God is inviting each one of us on that journey.

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