Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Courage to Let Go

Christine Caine knows how hard it can be to let go of your past. Christine comes from a background of being marginalized because of her ethnicity, she grew up in the poorest area in her state and in the third poorest area in all of Australia.  Christine grew up in a government assistance neighborhood in a very run-down part of Sidney, Australia. The school Christine went to rated very low on academic achievement and very high on teenage pregnancies, substance abuse and gang violence.

Christine Caine realized that she had a very long list of factors from her past that she could have used as excuses to stay stuck in her past. Except for growing up marginalized and in a very poor neighborhood Christine was also sexually abused as a child for twelve years by four men. As an adult Christine got a chock when she found out that she had been adopted as a baby and nobody had told her about it. All these factors strongly impacted Christine and she spent many years doing difficult work to eventually be able to let go of her past. Today Christine Caine shows us all that it is possible to overcome a past that includes a lot of pain and brokenness.

Today Christine Caine is one of the most sought after Christian speakers in the world and she founded The A21 Campaign a few years ago. The A21 Campaign rescues young women and girls out of sex slavery around the world. I sometimes hear people say that The Bible and The Christian Church completely lack strong women. I personally can't think of anyone who would deserve to be called a strong woman more than Christine. Christine Caine is an overcomer and a great inspiration to all of us. We don't have to stay stuck in our past.

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