Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Drop Box

My favorite thing to watch on Netflix right now is the documentaries. The other day I watched a documentary called "The Drop Box". It's about the powerful story of a pastor in South Korea who set up a "drop box" for unwanted babies to save their lives. Hundreds of babies are abandoned each year in South Korea due to the mothers inability to afford caring for the babies or because of pressure to give them up since they were conceived outside of marriage. The documentary also explains how babies with disabilities are often abandoned by parents in South Korea because they can't afford to care for a baby with extra medical needs.

The Pastor and his wife lived quite normal lives with their daughter until their second child was born, a son with severe disabilities. The family had to sell their home to be able to afford the medical bills for their son and spent most of their time in the hospital. As they cared for their son with disabilities they noticed how other kids with disabilities often came to them in the hospital. Once they were able to bring their son home other parents started coming to them and asking them to take in their children with disabilities. The pastor and his wife then started adopting abandoned children with disabilities and children whose parents just couldn't afford to keep them.

Later the pastor and his wife were troubled by the problem of babies being abandoned in the streets of Seoul, South Korea so they set up a "drop box" for unwanted babies at their home to be able to save their lives. The pastor and his wife care for the babies until they can get picked up by police, get a medical check-up and eventually get put up for adoption.

It's powerful to watch this couple who have given their whole lives towards caring for unwanted children and children of parents who love their children but can't afford to care for them. Today the pastor and his wife have adopted a total of 15 children, many with different types of disabilities. They have also saved the lives of hundreds of babies who have been placed in the "drop box" at their home. It all started with the birth of their second child who has severe disabilities, this child turned their focus in life toward something entirely different than what they prioritized before his birth.

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