Monday, October 5, 2015

The Workout

Biking along the waterfront of Lake Ontario, is there any workout more wonderful than that during the fall season? I absolutely love taking 45-60 minutes long bike rides along the lakefront a couple of times a week this time of year. My number one rule when it comes to exercise is: "It has to be fun!" I've tried numerous different sports and different types of fitness routines but if it isn't fun and enjoyable I won't last longer than max 4 weeks before I quit.

Let's just face it, working out takes a lot of time, and I'm not going to spend that much time on something that I don't enjoy doing. I like to do different types of workouts during different seasons of the year. Biking is my favorite workout this time of year and during the later part of fall I usually prefer going for a hike.

On a day when I can bike along the lakefront trail and stop at the pier and just enjoy the stillness for awhile, that's when working out becomes really fun! I get some exercise for my body and I get a moment to just stop and breathe in the fresh air and feel thankful for this day.

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