Monday, October 26, 2015

What is the Reason for Suffering?

When we look around and see a broken world we want to fix it so badly, but we can't. Humans have the ability to do amazing things but at the same time we have the ability within us to do all kinds of evil. Humans are selfish by nature, we will do what's best for ourselves. The amazing thing that happens when we start following Jesus is that we lay down our lives and let God lead. Once we stop chasing our own goals and replace them with God's plan for our lives it's amazing how everything changes.

It's incredible to think about it, that God could fix every problem in this world in one day, through each one of us. What's the only thing that's stopping him from doing that? Our free will. We all have been given the choice to either do what God wants us to do with this life, or we can choose to do whatever we want. Most people choose to do whatever they want.

God wants us to be faithful to each other, but we can choose to cheat on each other. God wants us to love our neighbor as ourselves, but we can choose to ignore our neighbor. God wants us to be generous, but we can choose to keep our money to ourselves. God wants us to be kind, but we can choose to be rude. God wants us to forgive those who have hurt us, but we can choose to stay bitter. God wants us to love Him and love what He loves, but we can choose to be selfish. The day we decide to surrender our lives to God everything changes.

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