Monday, January 25, 2016

If God is real then what?

Jen Hatmaker talks about how if God is real then that changes everything, because something that monumental deserves a response. We are reminded that this life is short and that it's time to start working on things that will last and stop worrying and obsessing about things in life that really don't matter.

If God is real then what will our response be, what are we doing with our lives? How are we spending this little fraction of history that we have been given to steward? We who live now are only one small part of the bigger picture, of history, but the choices we make now will have a great impact on the future. Are we bravely taking on the work today that will change the world, or are we focusing most of our energy on things that will pass away very soon? If God's love for us is real then there is no neutral response to such an extraordinary fact.

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