Friday, January 8, 2016

Shopping Goals

We all have our weaknesses, one of mine is spending too much money on shopping. During the last two years I started to get more and more uncomfortable with the fact that I was buying about three times more clothes than a person actually needs, while at the same time kids walk around barefoot on the other side of the planet because their parents can’t afford new shoes for their seven children. I decided it was time for me to simplify my lifestyle and to take a more minimalistic approach to fashion and shopping.

I started cutting down on the amount of new clothes I would shop each year and last spring I tried having a capsule wardrobe for the first time. I was surprised by how much easier getting dressed became once I had less pieces in my closet. I’m now happy to be able to save money as I shop less clothes and live a greener lifestyle at the same time.

Few people have extra money laying around that they can give to non-profit organizations who are working in third world countries, but when we simplify the lifestyle we have gotten accustomed to, suddenly there is room in the monthly budget to support non-profits. I want to be able to support non-profits that provide shoes for kids without shoes, education to kids whose parents can’t afford school fees etc. I'd rather choose to have less stuff in my closet and more impact around the world, than to have a walk-in closet full of clothes that are right on trend. I get joy from buying a new piece of clothing but I get so much more joy from knowing that I’m taking part in creating a lasting positive change in a third world country.


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