Monday, February 27, 2017

Wisdom for Life

I love what the internet can add to life during this special time in history. Every week I'm strengthened and encouraged by the wisdom shared by my pastors at my church in Toronto. Thanks to the internet and Youtube I also have access to sermons from churches all over the world. I'm grateful that I get to live during this exciting time in history! This week I thought I would share the links to seven different churches that I follow online and on their Youtube channels:

1. Elevation Church, in North Carolina, Virginia & Ontario, Canada.

2. Fresh Life Church in Montana & Utah.

3. Oasis Church in Los Angeles, California.

4. Vous Church in Miami, Florida.

5. Life Church in Oklahoma, New York, Florida, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas & New Mexico.

6. Hillsong Church in Australia, Europe, North America, South Africa & Argentina.

7. Life Church UK in England, Ireland and Poland.

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