Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You are loved! Happy Valentine's Day!

Amy Groeschel from Life Church tells a story in the video about how every year in Middle School flowers where given out on Valentine's Day. Every year Amy was hoping to get a flower but she never received even one. Sadly Valentine's Day can sometimes feel more like "Rejection Day". We all have days in life when we feel unloved, unworthy, lonely and insignificant, but no matter how we feel, or how people treat us, we are always loved by God. The problem is that although we know that God loves us we sometimes doubt his love for us. The little voices in our heads start telling us things like: "If God really loves you this difficult season would not have happened to you." or "If God really loves you your car wouldn't have broken down today." etc. Our spiritual enemy, the devil, is always working in our minds to break us down.

We sometimes decide to define God's love based on our current circumstances. If everything is going great in life we assume that God is pleased with us and cares about us and when we run into difficulty we assume that God doesn't love us. This world view is based on the belief that we earn God's love, but the Bible is very clear on the fact that we can never earn God's love. God's love is freely given to each one of us, even before we were born God knew each one of us and loved us. Christ died on the cross to set each one of us free, to make forgiveness available to each one of us. We don't earn God's love it is freely given and there is absolutely nothing we could do to loose God's love for us. We can choose to spend our whole lives running away from God but He will never leave us.

You have God's heart, He is crazy in love with you. You are chosen by him. We are all God's most treasured possession, and it's so unbelievable that we struggle to wrap our minds around this concept. God is constantly pursuing you. You are valued, you are treasured, you are loved, beyond anything that you could ever understand, and won't fully understand while on this Earth.

Every day, all day, we are surrounded by God's love but often we don't recognize it. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. It's important for us to know that we are loved by God. When we don't have a grasp of God's love for us it limits our ability to receive the blessings of God; his comfort, peace and joy. We can't either love others well if we don't first grasp God's love for us in a deep way.

How do you feel when you hold a newborn baby in your arms? Most people are overwhelmed by the love they feel for their own newborn baby, this is how God feels for each one of us. We are made in his image, we are God's children. God adores you, He is crazy about you and there is nothing you could ever do that would make Him stop loving you. Your whole life God will patiently wait for you to come to him, for you to one day decide to love him back.

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