Monday, March 27, 2017

On a Rainy Day

It was rainy and windy in Toronto all weekend long so the streets were pretty empty. Ikea on the other hand was not empty. My husband and I had made plans to buy some new furniture on Sunday and I can't exactly say I found the experience to be very enjoyable. A furniture store filled with probably 2 million out of the 6 million people living in Toronto isn't my idea of a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Note to self: avoid Ikea on a rainy Sunday!

Saturday was equally rainy and windy as Sunday but much more enjoyable. I decided a rainy day is the perfect day to go shopping so I spent the day at the Eaton Center in Toronto. I bought some new workout clothes, flip-flops and a beach towel. It's never too early to start getting ready for the summer and beach trips! :)

Ah, the great indoors! On cold, wet and windy days I'm grateful to be able to spend some time at the mall. I had planned to do an outdoor workout on the weekend but it became a visit to the mall instead, sometimes sipping on a latte while shopping is the best way to spend a restful day!

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