Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our Minimalist Wedding

Materialism and "more is more" is what this era in history seems to be all about, this becomes very clear when you take a look at weddings today. One hundred years ago most people had their wedding ceremony and reception in their own home, nowadays weddings are becoming more and more expensive every year. I love this video by Sarah Nourse where she and her husband talk about how they decided to go against society's expectations and have a minimalist wedding. Sarah and her husband chose to have a small destination wedding with only one guest, her Mom. The wedding package cost was around 500 dollars and still gave Sarah and her husband a beautiful wedding to remember.

When my husband and I got married almost five years ago I didn't want us to end up in deep debt from trying to live up to all the expectations that our culture puts on us. There are so many unwritten rules for what a wedding reception is supposed to look like. We decided to elope to Jamaica and get married there just the two of us. We chose to stay at an all-inclusive resort for a week and the wedding package that we chose was about 700 dollars. The package included a wedding cake, champagne, flowers, the priest who married us and a three-course dinner for seven guests. We didn't have any wedding guests in Jamaica but three months later we hosted a party for friends&family both in Canada and in Finland.

We hosted the wedding party in Finland at our family cottage and in Canada we had the party in our own home, so the cost was kept very low. I love that we were able to start our life together as a married couple without any debt at all from our wedding. We had some savings that covered all the costs from our wedding and the two parties afterwards for friends and family. We live in a world that tells us "more is more" but I've come to realize that less really is more.

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