Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Money, Power & The Hunger for Control

So if there is a God, a real and personal God in the universe, wouldn’t it make sense that the most intelligent people in our society would be the ones that find him? God is a funny God, and he’s also full of mercy and grace. God didn’t choose to reveal himself to the smartest, most beautiful, most successful or to all the “good people” on this Earth. The Bible is clear on the fact that God chooses who he reveals himself to, and it’s often the outcasts of this world that God chooses. Why? Could it have something to do with the fact that these people probably are more humble than us who think we are “good people” and “too intelligent” to believe there is a God?

Make no mistake, you can be very intelligent and still become a Christian, but it tends to be harder for the smart, rich and successful in our society to notice God. When you have built a good life for yourself it’s easy to avoid thinking about God. When you find yourself in a prison cell or completely at the end of yourself it’s easy to humble yourself enough to call out to God.

Highly intelligent people like CS Lewis and Timothy Keller came to faith in God through looking at the evidence and using reason. Other people find God when they end up in prison, in a serious drug addiction or something else that makes their whole world fall a part. No story is more important than the other, both the intellectual and the guy in prison are precious to God. What we all have in common is that none of us will be able to accept Christ into our hearts without humility.

The Rockstar Alice Cooper lived a wild life when he was younger but today he is a Christian. My friend Kesavan went to prison for 10 years but today he is a loving father of three and a Christian pastor. CS Lewis was an intelligent atheist Oxford graduate from Belfast, Ireland who is known for writing The Chronicles of Narnia and who also became a Christian. All our stories are very different, but God’s love is the same for the former atheist as for the former criminal or prostitute. We all serve a good, loving and merciful God.

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