Monday, January 29, 2018

The Weekend

It's cold and dark in Toronto this time of year, and since it's still two more months left until spring you gotta come up with fun things to do.

Getting all dressed up for our weekly Date Night with my husband is one of my favorite things to enjoy every week.

I've also enjoyed doing some decorating and shopping during the month of January. When all the Christmas decorations went back into the storage room our home felt very empty. I decided to replace the Christmas decorations with some new accessories. On Saturday I bought a new orchid and a candle for the breakfast table.

I also took the time to shop a pair of new winter boots from Steve Madden. During the month of December I spent all my weekends on Christmas shopping, so in January I'm enjoying having time to shop a few things for myself.

Healthy eating is one of my goals in January, but you gotta balance that up with a few macaroons every Saturday. Coffee and macaroons is my favorite sweet treat in January.

On Sunday evening I enjoyed a glass of red wine from Wayne Gretzky Estates and a new magazine.

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