Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Adopting siblings

I love listening to people's adoption stories because it's so nice to get to see the happy ending to every journey. Every adoption journey is a great love story. Every adoption includes pain and hardship, sometimes it's from an unplanned pregnancy, or parents who are addicted to drugs, have mental problems or are financially not able to take care of a child. Every child that needs a new home has gone through hardship. The adoptive parents have also gone through their struggles, many times they have struggled with infertility for years. Every time a new family is created through adoption it brings hope and healing and something beautiful can come out of all the pain in the end. Love has conquered over darkness.

This video tells the story of how three boys who had lived in many foster care homes finally got their forever family and a place to call home. Veronica became the adoptive mom of three boys and her biological son Styles was finally able to have brothers, which he had always dreamt about.

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