Monday, February 22, 2016

My Weekend

The Canadian weather continues to surprise me although I've lived in Canada for almost six years now. On Saturday we had very warm weather in Toronto, +11 degrees Celsius. The week before we had -26 degrees Celsius on Saturday and I didn't go outside my house all day.

Here's a picture of the weather in the middle of the week last week.

Just a few days later the weather looks like this, and you could almost have a picnic outside. The funny thing is as we were taking our morning walk on Saturday I saw three people out windsurfing on the lake. They were wearing wetsuits of course but still, Canadian people are not afraid of some cold water that's for sure. :)

Lake Ontario, my "Spa". I grew up on a small island so I have to be able to spend time by the water and listen to the waves roll in a couple of times every week to stay balanced.

I got a cold last week so I spent the weekend eating a lot healthier foods than I do usually. I tried to have two juices or smoothies every day to help my body get well again as quickly as possible.

My husband and I like to go out for brunch on Sundays but this weekend we stayed in and made a healthy bowl of oatmeal instead. We make our oatmeal with coconut milk and coconut water. I like to eat my oatmeal with berries, cacao nibs and some coconut yogurt on top.

The weekend also means running a thousand little errands, here I am shopping some pens and notebooks. I fill up about 4-5 notebooks full of dreams, ideas and thoughts every year.

I also made some homemade tomato sauce with chicken and fresh pasta during the weekend. Cooking has become my new little hobby. I love trying fun new recipes and right now I have a phase when I make a lot of Italian food. I bought a new cooking book on Sunday so now I have a lot of inspiration for new recipes to try.

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