Monday, February 29, 2016


Personal growth requires effort. We need to be committed and disciplined to grow stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. Life is a bit like a race and we need strength to finish the race strong. The body we are given needs healthy food and exercise to become strong and our mind also needs some type of exercise to stay sharp. We can train our mind by going to school, reading a book or taking an art class for example. Our spiritual strength grows stronger when we practice things like warm friendliness, generous love and reverent wonder.

Pastor Holly Wagner gives a sermon on the topic of strength in this video. We all want to be strong, but sometimes we lack the discipline or commitment to develop the strength we need. Holly didn't prioritize her physical strength before she was diagnosed with breast cancer which became a wake up call for her. No matter what area we need to be strengthened in we can't escape the need to commit to it and wow to take daily steps towards becoming stronger.

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