Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to approach God

Harrison Conley preaches a sermon about how we can approach God when we feel unworthy of his love. When we have been running away from God for a long time and done many things wrong we sometimes feel like we can't approach God. We feel guilt and shame over what we have done and believe that after all our mistakes God could never love or forgive us. The first thing we need to understand about God is that no human ever receives God's love or mercy because he/she has been so good, there is not even one perfect person on this Earth, we have all sinned against God. We all receive God's mercy, grace and love because of how good He is, not because we are so good people.

The second thing we need to know is that we come to God in humility. As long as we come to God blaming someone else for our mistakes or trying to justify what we have done wrong God can't forgive us. We receive God's mercy when we take responsibility for what we have done wrong and come to him with a humble heart.

The third thing we need to know is that we come to God in faith. If we don't believe that God will forgive us we won't come to him. If we believe that God couldn't love us after what we have done we will run away from God every time we mess up rather than run towards him. When we have enough faith to believe that God's love, mercy and grace will never fail we can come to him in confidence.

We also won't come to God for help if we don't believe that God can change us, so instead we try to hide our mistakes from God and other people. The more we get to know God's character the more we will understand that no mess is too big for God to help us out of. There are limits to what man can do, but with God nothing is impossible.

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