Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Call: Caring for the poor, Adoption

This video features three different married couples who have been called to three very different lifestyles. The first couple are newlyweds and they have decided to move into a high needs neighborhood in order to be able to love and serve the poor in their city. They decided that one way that they could get to know their new neighbors was to invite them all to their wedding.

The second couple felt God calling them into adoption and have spent their lives inviting many children with different special needs to become a part of their family. The call on their lives means that they have had to sacrifice being able to go on nice vacations to the Caribbean, but instead they get to be apart of something that will make a lasting impact on the world.

The third couple is an older couple who are busier than ever during their retirement because they have started a non-profit. The organization is currently building a Children's clinic in Africa and serving the poor in the US. Their passion for missions is something they have in common as husband and wife, and it's what keeps them together and in love.

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