Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Call: Clean Water for all

Scott Harrison was living "the good life" as a night club promoter in New York City for ten years until one day when he got enough of the party lifestyle. He had come to a point in his life where he felt completely emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. He had finally created the life he thought he always wanted, he had the BMW, the Rolex watches and the famous girlfriend but he wasn't content. He knew that he had to change his lifestyle completely and he started asking himself some tough life questions.

Scott started reading a Christian book that his Dad had sent him which helped him rediscover his faith that he had abandoned as a rebellious teenager. Scott's faith was no longer only something he was raised in, it was becoming his own. He became more and more aware of the big lifestyle change he needed to make. He no longer wanted to be the "party boy" who would have fun by taking cocaine.

Scott started asking himself what it would look like to live a life where he would serve others rather than serve himself. Scott went on a spiritual journey from that point on and today he is the founder of the organization Charity:Water. The organization builds wells and works to provide clean water in areas of the world where people have to walk for many hours to find water.

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