Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Kat's journey from the New Age movement to Christ

Katherine was looking for spiritual answers in life and found an interest in the New Age movement. She kept trying to learn more and more about New Age but never felt satisfied or fulfilled. Katherine eventually decided to take a trip to Peru to spend some time with "the enlightened people". She was encouraged to try a drug that makes you hallucinate, and according to the New Age movement can help you get more "enlightened". Katherine's gut feeling told her to stay away from the drug so she never tried it.

Katherine ended up getting really sick during her trip to Peru and was in a lot of pain, both physical and mental pain. She couldn't get any rest or peace so she decided she wanted to end her life. As she was laying in bed she suddenly remembered the Bible and Jesus and cried out to God to help her. She instantly felt peace and relief and started crying and thanking God that night.

When Katherine got back home again she didn't want to let go of some of her New Age books but a friend encouraged her to get rid of them. Katherine eventually chose to completely let go of her New Age stuff and she could feel a weight lifting off her when she finally did.

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