Thursday, August 11, 2016

Another Heat Warning

Today they have issued another Heat Warning in Toronto, at the moment it's humid and +33 degrees outside. It was the month of August when I first arrived in Canada six years ago and I remember how much I would complain about the heat in the beginning. Nowadays I start to feel cold if it gets cooler than +24 degrees outside. It's funny how much we can adapt to almost any surroundings. :)

We have a UFO in Toronto, the City Hall building.

One thing I love about Toronto is the very colorful taxi cars, the bright colors make me happy, especially on a grey winter day.

You can tell it's tourist season, and I'm one of them, although I'm more of a "long-term tourist" in the city. :)

I love hanging out down by the waterfront in Toronto on a weekday evening during summer. I'm so glad this city is built right beside the lake.

On a hot day you have to drink a lot, I think I had 1 iced latte and 2 lemonades in one day when I took these pictures last week. Of course you could just drink water, but lemonade is so much more interesting than water. :)

Everybody wants to hang out by the waterfront. Another thing I love about Toronto is that this is a very multicultural city.

Many people seem to like going sailing after work, since there are so many sailboats in this picture.

I'm so glad I ended up in this city, although I never planned to move to Toronto. I wanted to move to the West Coast but I'm so glad I couldn't find a job there, otherwise I would never have come to Toronto and I would never have met my husband. Thank God for closed doors in life! :)

My city and my husband, I'm very grateful for both!! :)

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