Monday, August 22, 2016

Greg's Story

I find it interesting to listen to people's stories about how they found God. Every story is unique because every person has had a unique experience in life. Greg is a doctor who had everything he thought he needed to be happy. He had a successful career, an expensive car and nice clothes. He had also achieved success in sports like running and triathlon, but he still felt empty inside and wasn't content. Greg was an arrogant person and an atheist so his Christian neighbors really irritated him. Greg decided that he would read through the Bible so that he could prove to his neighbors that they were hypocrites.

As Greg studied the Bible he was blown away by the fact that Jesus claimed to be God in human form. He had never heard that before. As time went on Greg wanted to change in a few areas of his life where he knew he wasn't a good person, but he couldn't change himself. One day he decided to get down on his knees and ask God to forgive him for his sins and change him as a person. Greg felt a peace from that day on that he had never felt before and it became evident to Greg's wife that her husband was a changed man. Greg had started caring about other people in a way that he had never done before.

Greg explains that the difference between Christianity and other world religions is that all other religions are about people trying to reach God, while Christianity is about God himself coming down to reach people. Greg says that when you invite Jesus into your heart your life will never be the same, and the ultimate proof of Jesus being God is the change he creates in each person who has encountered him.

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