Monday, August 22, 2016

Friday Night in the City

On Friday night my husband and I had booked our weekly Date Night. I was really tired on Friday evening and was tempted to ask my husband if we could rather stay at home and watch a movie together, but then I quickly changed my mind. I decided to make the extra effort and got all dressed up for Date Night at Earl's in Toronto. I'm so glad that we went out rather than to just stay at home in our sweatpants and watch TV. It's really easy to become complacent in marriage, you have already "won" the other person's heart so it's easy to start taking each other for granted.

I don't make a lot of effort these days compared to how much I would make an effort to prepare before each date in the beginning of our relationship. Marriage definitely requires making a few decisions from the start to be intentional about keeping "the flame of love" burning. Our weekly Date Night has been awesome and I hear it becomes even more of a "lifeline" after you have kids, according to the married couples I know. I love having "marriage mentors", couples who have been happily married for more than 20 years, to learn from.

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