Monday, November 14, 2016

Priscilla's Story

Priscilla Nicoara grew up in Romania with a loving father but with a mother who was cold and selfish. As Priscilla grew up her mother kept reminding her that she wasn't wanted and that she would amount to nothing. When Priscilla's father unexpectedly passed away Priscilla became very angry with God and thought that either God is cruel or there is no God at all. Priscilla's life started going downhill from that time on but then in college she met a young man who was different from everyone else. The young man started telling Priscilla about Jesus and invited her to visit his church. The church was underground since Romania was communist at this time and the government controlled everything. When Priscilla learned about God through the gospel she was amazed by his great love for her. She became able to see herself through God's eyes and it changed her whole identity and gave her a self-worth she had never had before in life.

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