Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Guillaume's Story

Guillaume's story is quite funny because he's honest and real about how he viewed God and religion before he became a Christian. Guillaume's story reminds me so much of me, the arrogance and the European view on religion, I used to share these views. Our environment doesn't just affect how we choose to celebrate different cultural holidays or what foods we eat, our surrounding culture also affects how we view life. I grew up in a culture that believes that the goal of life is to pursue my own personal happiness and pleasure, so it's not surprising that this was the view I accepted for a long time. We all tend to need either a change of environment or some big disaster to strike before we start to question the world view we were raised inside. Up until that moment we will consider our own culture's world view to be superior and all other world views to be either incorrect or weird.

Guillaume's life changing moment happened when he fell in love with a Christian girl and felt the need to learn a few things about Christianity. Guillaume wanted enough information about the faith to be able to talk his girlfriend out of believing in her stupid religion. God reaches different people in different ways, for Guillaume God did it through making him fall in love with a girl he met on a vacation in the Caribbean. It seems to me like God has good humor.

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