Friday, November 4, 2016

Small homes, custom made shoes & Minimalism

Today I wanted to share some more pictures from my visit to Black Creek Village in Toronto.

I love visiting the Pioneer Village in the fall. I spent many hours enjoying the cozy village and checking out the different homes and shops.

Welcome to my home! (I wish!) This is my favorite home in the village, it's so cute and cozy.

One thing that was better one hundred years ago was that the homes were smaller. I would love to live in a home this size, but these days even the smallest homes in the suburbs are about three times bigger than this one. We buy bigger homes, which means we need more stuff to fill up our homes, which lead us to consume more stuff than ever before in history.

I love how people decorated their homes one hundred years ago, the homes were simple and minimalist but still very cozy.

This bedroom is a dream, it's very minimalist, decorated with only the things you need in a bedroom. On the other hand, I'm really glad that we have indoor toilets these days and that people no longer have to use the potty or the outhouse.

I used to be a bit of a "shopaholic" a few years ago so these days I stay away from the mall unless I really need something. Take a look at how few the options were in the store during the Victorian era, it must have been easier to not overspend back then.

One thing I would love to bring back from the Victorian era are shops who make custom shoes and dresses. I hate having to buy shoes or clothes that look exactly the same as what everybody else is wearing. Think about how fun it would be to walk into a dress shop and be able to pick what style, color and pattern you want on your dress. Of course you can still get custom made things these days but it's not the norm. These days we have stores filled with clothes that nobody will ever buy, what a waste.

As I walked through the village I almost felt like I was inside the TV show Little House on the Prairie.

My husband is ready to preach in the old church in the village. I'm glad the church has changed a lot since the Victorian era, it's a lot bigger now and no longer has uncomfortable wooden benches. A funny thing happened when we were checking out the church. My husband was standing where he is on the picture, a lady walked by and got scared of him when he moved his arm, she had assumed he was a doll and not a real person. :)

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