Monday, September 28, 2015

An Imperfect Date Night

On Sunday my husband and I decided to have a date night. We started our day with going to church and the weather was nice and sunny in the morning. After church it had gotten very cloudy outside so we decided to go to the mall and run some errands.

We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants that we used to visit a lot in the beginning of our relationship. We have many wonderful memories from this cozy restaurant so it was nice to be back there again.

We enjoyed some great food and each others company until my husband found a long black hair in his food. Although our server apologised twice we lost our appetite after this experience so we decided to get dessert somewhere else.

In the evening the sun was back out again so we went for a stroll along the lakefront down by the marina. I love hanging out in the Nautical village by the lakefront.

The weather was nice for the rest of the evening so we tried to forget our unpleasant experience at the restaurant and work on being in the now.

After a stroll in the village we went to a coffee shop for dessert. We had a nice time together until I managed to spill coffee all over my white top. Note to self: don't wear white on a date night or bring and extra top just in case.

Luckily for me the coffee shop was close to our home so I just had to go back home and change clothes before we could head out again and enjoy what was left of the evening. I was reminded once again that life will never be perfect, it's best to just take what you get and make something good out of it. :)

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