Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our True Identity

Everything God has created is beautiful, unique, special and created for a particular purpose. Each individual on this Earth is precious to God. Us humans love to label people; rich, poor, smart, stupid, beautiful, ugly etc. The truth is that we are all beautiful, special and precious to God. You might not love and appreciate your annoying neighbor but God loves her. You might not love and appreciate yourself, but God loves and appreciates you so much! He's just waiting for you to realize that.

When we finally find our identity in Christ we experience an incredible freedom. When we realize that we are special just the way we are, without the need to achieve something first, without owning the right possessions, without a particular status or job title, that's when we find freedom. We are precious to God just the way we are, because we are made by Him and nothing that God has created is less than amazing.

Many of us spend so much of our time in life trying to prove to others that we matter, that we are important people, but there really isn't any need for us to prove anything. We try buying more expensive things to prove our worth or maybe we try achieving more in our careers to show others (and ourselves) that we matter. But no matter how much we achieve we are not worth even a bit more than the homeless person in God's eyes, we are all equal. We are neither worth one bit less than somebody else. There is no other person on Earth that God values higher than you. You are not less worth than that successful and beautiful person you admire. No matter how many people have tried to put you down and make you believe that you don't matter, in God's eyes you are royalty.

In front of the God of the universe we are all equal, precious and important. The feeling you get when your eyes are opened to this truth is amazing! It gives you freedom to be who you are. You don't need to do more to be worthy in God's eyes, you are already loved and cherished by him. The day we understand this important truth we can stop striving for more money, possessions, achievements etc. with the goal to feel worthy. We will now have an entirely different motivation behind why we do what we do. We work hard in our careers because we want to love others, contribute to this world and make a difference. We buy new possessions simply because we need them and enjoy them, not because we try to measure up to some cultural ideal.

We accept, appreciate and love ourselves because we know that we are children of God and are very precious and special to him. Knowing this truth we find a peace, freedom and joy in life that is unlike anything we have ever experienced before. We are happy to be alive, excited about the future and eager to spend the rest of our lives serving God through loving Him, loving ourselves, and loving other people. When we have found our true identity in Christ we have also found a peace, freedom and joy that can never be taken away from us. People can leave us, people can hurt us or criticize what we do, but God's love for us will always stay the same.

God doesn't love us only when we are good, God's love for each one of us is constant and unchangeable. Even in the midst of our deepest darkness and failures God's love for us stays the same. You will not find love this pure and constant from any other source in the universe. We will go through both easier times and more difficult times in life but regardless of what situation we find ourselves in God's love for us stays the same. We are never alone. We can call on His name at any time and he will be there to offer comfort, strength, hope and a future. God will carry us through both the ups and downs of our lives. We live in a broken world, filled with broken people, but God's love has the power to make us whole again.

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